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Automobile Collision Repair And Refinishing

Having been in the collision repair industry since 1976, we at Thrift Auto & Truck and All Collision Services have had to keep up with the evolution of the automobile. The automobiles of today are much more sophisticated than there predecessors. Because of this, new unibody straightening equipment and techniques have become necessary in this business. Conventional welding equipment has been replaced by mig welders, and plasma cutters. Everything is more critical in making a proper repair to bring a vehicle back to its pre accident condition. Paint today is far superior to anything we had in the past. It is also a great deal more difficult to match the new car colors. It has become necessary to keep up with todays equipment, as we do, in order to maintain quality control.
In this day and age you have to have an equal mix of high quality equipment, along with diligent technicians who still take pride in a high quality repairs from start to finish. Because of that we at Thrift Auto & Truck, and All Collision Services, can afford to give each and every customer a lifetime guarantee on their collision repair.

Long Island Automobile Collision Repair And Refinishing